Benefits of working with a web agency in the early stages of your startup

At Makapen it’s our mission to enable our clients in achieving their technology goals. We want you to succeed and we use all of our knowledge and experience to advise you on a development plan that suits you best.

Why work with an agency in the early stages of your startup?

Great tech team right off the bat

It takes time to build an all-star tech team and building a mediocre one is worse than not having one. Startups that hire quickly and cheaply learn that sometimes these decisions bring negative value to their company. Hiring and managing employees is expensive. Communication is the most crucial aspect of building in a team setting and it takes time to build trust. Additionally, in the current market, hiring software engineers is very competitive. When hiring an agency, you are hiring a team that has an established culture, effective communication, and a diverse set of skills.


Hire a business with a culture and style you appreciate and relate to. This will ensure that it’s easy to be on the same page and will be far more likely to feel satisfied with the work and approach.


Most startups have very limited resources. Founder’s bandwidth and cash are typically the two things that dictate the focus of a startup at any given time. When MVP development is outsourced through an agency, it provides flexibility for the startup to decide exactly how much and when to spend on it.

When hiring in-house during the early stages, oftentimes new hires are asked to perform tasks outside their specialized scope of work. This is usually dictated by the immediate business needs of the startup. Since this type of hiring environment can lead to job dissatisfaction and poor execution, outsourcing work to a development agency allows founders greater flexibility when building the best team for their product.

Better technology choices

To date, our agency, has worked with over 15 startups on their products. The various experiences have taught us a lot! We built a company for startups because we love new technologies and the dynamic nature of working with entrepreneurs. We constantly survey the market for new tools that we can incorporate into our projects so that we can build more for less. We have experience with those tools and know the best applications for their use. We also know how to handle the pressures and limited resources in the startup space. We share this knowledge and it powers our decision making. Other agencies have their own expertise that will surely steer you away from some mistakes you would have otherwise made.

Better understanding of development process and timelines

If you are a first time entrepreneur, you quickly find out that it takes much longer than you expected to accomplish anything. Most of this is because you don’t know what you don’t know. An agency with an expertise in building many products can provide better information about how long it will take to build and what to expect in terms of maintenance so that you can plan better for success!

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