What's the process of engagement with our agency?

If you are contemplating hiring an agency for the first time, we documented how we approach our projects. Take a look below and feel free to send us any questions or comments!

The first step to hiring an agency is to understand your own goals and gather any documentation you can share with the shop. In order to define the specifications for a project we make sure we have an excellent understanding of what you need. Entrepreneurs from all stages approach Makapen--from early stage prototypes to fully-functioning MVP’s. With each client, we explore the full lifecycle.

Once we’ve identified the specs required for a project, we create an estimate. Soon after that, we hold breakout sessions internally and begin working through our implementation plan. We’re a very collaborative team and communicate regularly with clients. We also demo progress once per week, so clients are constantly aware of the state of things.

Since we use the lean startup principle; build-measure-learn, it’s important that our clients target user feedback throughout the development cycle. That’s why we work using two week agile sprints. Once a sprint is delivered, we encourage clients to do real user testing in order to provide direction for future sprints.

Wondering how a startup agency can help you? The table below breaks down our services. We use it to onboard new clients and to educate potential clients. For each scenario, we listed the prerequisites, and the corresponding steps to take for each phase.

Project Processes

Makapen's on-boarding client table

Let us know if you found this helpful or if you'd do things differently! Always feel free to reach out to us contact@makapen.co for questions or a quote!

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