Reflection on Summer Internship

We recently had the pleasure of hosting our first intern this summer, Guillaume Lebelt. Traveling all the way to Seattle from Paris, Guillaume joined the team as a front end developer fresh out of University. We were excited to onboard Guillaume for a two month internship and put his design chops to test during Makapen's website redesign.

Guillaume looking smug as a mug.

Skill Development

Unlike traditional software development internships, we feel it's important that our interns work on projects that are not only meaningful but also something they're passionate about. As an intern at Makapen, you will be provided with regular code reviews and exposure to new frameworks while working alongside an established development team. Most importantly, we want our interns to feel like they are a part of our team. For Guillaume, this meant participation in our daily stand-ups, developing, testing and pushing production-level code, and contribution to our weekly Lunch and Learn presentations.

Sharing is Caring

For the Makapen team, it's important that we constantly expose ourselves to new technologies and push the boundaries of good design. Guillaume entered his summer internship with an expertise in SVG's and CSS animations, which our developers had little exposure to beforehand.

Excited to learn more, we asked Guillaume to create a slide deck for one of our Lunch and Learns on this very topic. Check out his presentation that describes the mechanics behind CSS transformations and SVG animations. In addition, as one of his largest projects, Guillaume helped create the amazing SVG animation featured on the Makapen landing page (for optimized viewing, we recommend using Chrome).

A code snippet on how to rotate a shape 130 degrees along the y axis using css transforms.

A more advanced example of a SVG animation using auto rotate

What we learned

We had a blast hosting Guillaume over the summer. We hope he found his time at Makapen as fulfilling and challenging as he hoped. From our standpoint, Guillaume was a wonderful asset to the team and we wish him the best during the rest of is programming career!

We're always interested in new talent, passion and creativity. If you're interested in learning at Makapen, feel free reach out to Ewelina about opportunities with Makapen.

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